Neal Harrington

Artist Statement
Even before moving south I was interested in the myth/Americana of Southern Music. My gateway to this culture was the Blues, then Folk, Bluegrass, and the classic Country that my parents played constantly while I was growing up.

Printmaking, in particular relief, is my primary means of exploration in the visual arts. The content of my work fuses the rich tradition of Greek/Roman mythologies with an American Roots Music perspective. These visual ballads sing out in their symbolism, narrative, and energetic atmospheres. My work balances a multifaceted investigation of independence, mystical narratives, and Pulp Fiction influenced imagery. These themes can be found in The Bootlegger’s Ballad series. The bold and graphic marks of the woodcut/relief technique reiterate the tension and energy of the figures in these works. I create an intensified atmosphere and an amplified dramatic sense of light with the addition of India ink washes. The shades of gray either softens the focus or strengthens the focal point and contributes to the dreamlike quality of the piece.